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テニスは日本語のカタカナ英語では te・ni・su の3シラブル

英語では ten・nis の2シラブル




また、日本語の 子音+母音 という基本形に対して

英語は 子音+母音+子音 が基本形だ。母音を子音でサンドイッチしている。だからスリービートなのだ。中抜き三連符のようなものである。



caravanなら car・rav・van  という具合に隣の子音を半分借りてくるのだ。というか、喉発音でやると、勝手に隣の子音と繋がるので、意識する必要がないのだ。


典型的な例はアーティストBruce Springsteenの名前をシラブルで区切ってみればよい。日本人的感覚でいくと、ブ・ルー・ス・ス・プ・リン・グ・ス・ティーン、と9シラブルになる。





詳しくは「英語喉 50のメソッド」に全て書かれてある。アウトラインはこのブログの中の下記の記事で掴めるかと思う。


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you okay? you are ready?
let's go in.
perfect. a pollack and a chink.
how are you doing, Martin,
you crazy Italian prick.
walt, you cheap bastard, I should have known youd come in,
I was having such a pleasant day
what did you do?
jew some poor blind guy out of his money.
giving him a wrong change?
who's the nip?
he is a pussy kid from next door.
i am just trying to man him up a little bit.
you see kid?
that's how guys talk to one another .
they do?

do you have shit in your ears?
now go out and come back in and talk to him like a man.
like a real man.
come on. get your ass out of here.
come on back now. sorry about this.
that's ok.
what's up you old Italian prick?
get out of my shop before I blow your head off you goddamn dick smoker.
Jesus Christ.
take it easy. what the hell are you doing? have you lost your mind?
that's what you said.
that what you said men say.
you don't just come in and insult a man in his own shop.

what happens if you meet some stranger? If you get the wrong one he's gonna blow you
gook head right off.
what should I've said then?
why don't you start with hi or hello.
yeah just come in and say sir, I'd like a haircut if you have a time.
yeah, be polite but don't kiss ass.
in fact you can talk about the construction job you just came from.
and bitch about your girl friend in your car.
son of a bitch, I've just got breaks fixed
and those sons of the bitches really nailed me. they screwed right in the ass.
yeah, don't swear at the guy. Just talk about people who are not
in the room.
you can bitch about your boss making you work overtime
when it is bowling night.
right, my old lady bitches for two goddamn hours about how..
they don't take expired coupons at the grocery store.
and the minute I turn on a fucking game she starts crying we never talk.
see now go out, come back and talk to him.
and it ain't a rocket science for Christ sake.

yeah, but I don't have a job, a car, or a girlfriend.
Jesus, I should have blown his head off when I had a chance.
maybe so, I want you to turn around and go outside
and come back and don't talk about having no job,
no car, no girlfriend, no future, no dick. OK, just turn around and go.
excuse me sir, i need a hair cut if you ain't too busy.
you old italian son of a bitch prick barber.
boy, does my ass hurt from all the guys at my construction job.
fuck me. 

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what the fuck are you looking at old man?
what the hell are you spooks up to?
you'd better get your ass on honkey, while i still let you.
that's you'd better do.
what the fuck he thinks he is?
have you noticed how you come across somebody once in a while ...
you shouldn't fucking with?
that's me.
you are fucking crazy, get out of here, man.
why don't you get your ass out of here before we kicked your wrinkly white ass.
what's wrong with him man?
the motherfucker's crazy.
what is this thing? what the hell?
get in a truck.
crazy motherfucker.
what's wrong with him, man.
hey pops come on now.
shut your fucking face.
you don't fucking listen, do you?
now get in a truck.
go get in a truck girl.
let her go, old man!
shut up pussy.

what is this 'bro' shit anyway?
you want to be superb page, or something
these guy don't want to be your bro and I don't blame them.
now get your old faint paddy ass on down the road.
take care now.
you too.
oh, yeah.




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what can i do for you, Mr. Kowalski?
i am here for a confession.
lord Jesus, what have you done?
nothing you just take it easy now.
what are you up to?
are you gonna give a confession or not?
how long has it been since your last confession?
bless me father, for I have sinned.
what are your sins, my son?
In 1968, i kissed Betty Jablonski
at the factory Christmas party.
Dorothy was in the other room with the other wives.
it just happened.
yes, go on.
well, i made 900 dollars profit selling a boat and motor.
i didn't pay the taxes it is the same as stealing.
yes, fine.
i was never very close with my two sons.
i don't know them. I didn't know how.
that's it?
that's it.
it's bothered me most of my life.
say 10 Hail Maries and 5 Our fathers.
God loves and forgives you and absolves you of all your sins.
in the name of the Father, son and the holy spirit.
thank you padre.
are you going to retaliate for what happened to Sue.
im going over to that house today, Mr. Kowalski.
is that so?
it is.
and every other day until you see the folly of what you are planning.
busy day, got to go.
go in peace.
oh i am at peace.
Jesus Christ.